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Wennberg International Collaborative Fall Research Meeting

Sep 12-14

The Seventh Annual Fall Research Meeting will be held at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, UK

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Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
National Health Performance Authority

Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation

Small area variation regarding quality and safety in primary care, specialist services, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals

November, 2015

Health Quality & Safety Commission

New Zealand Atlas of Health Care Variation

"Easy-to-use maps, graphs, tables and commentaries that highlight variations by geographic area."

Pre-proof chapters now available

Synthesizes current research on variations in healthcare utilization, delivery and outcomes

A. Johnson, T. Stukel (Eds.)
1st ed. 2016

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European Collaboration for Healthcare Optimization

"An international effort to bring together administrative datasets from across Europe and inform decision-makers on unwarranted variations in health care performance."

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Performance of the Belgian Health System - Report 2015

Published January 2016

Maps, graphs, and tables of variation and incidence

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Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference

September 20 - 22, 2016 at the

Barcelona International Convention Centre, Spain

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The Wennberg Anthology

Collected Studies of Health Care: Outcomes and Practice Variation

*Some articles are copyrighted and therefore direct PDF links are not available.  In these instances, links will be provided to the abstract for the paper.

Data Statement

Driving Health Care Improvement Without a Map: A Call for Improved Data Availability

Signed by Jack Wennberg, Gert Westert, David Goodman, Gwyn Bevan and others

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